Your home is an extension of who you are.

This is my vision. To enter into your world and translate what I find into intelligent use of space and design to enhance your quality of life.

I specialise in residential interior design but work occasionally with commercial properties. Each project is a new story and I pay attention to every detail. From the history of the building to the surroundings of the property, the use of space and of course my client’s individual tastes and needs.

I always strive to make the design process a fun experience. This can include a day out shopping, a visit to a gallery or time spent in an inspirational space. Clear communication is also a vital part of my design process, which ensures high quality design solutions.

I am always seeking new inspiration, through my love of travel to regular visits to galleries and museums, participation in design fairs and especially in my relationships with contractors and suppliers. All that I learn, I can translate into a design as unique as each project brief.

in a studio in Battersea

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