Anna Monich
Furniture Collection

Anna Monich Furniture Collection was launched in 2023 in collaboration with Monredo – a wood furniture manufacturer based in Ukraine. The furniture forms are stylish yet simple with attention to detail.


Anna is an established London based interior designer but is originally from Ukraine. The connection to her roots is important and features in some of her work. Anna’s Pimlico Road showroom collection of furniture and home accessories is predominantly made by artisans and craftsmen of Ukraine.

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Available wood finishes


    Bedside table

    Dims: W40xD50xH60cm

    Bedside table

    Dims: W50xD50xH60cm


    Dims: W120xD50xH45cm

    Chest of drawers

    Dims: W100xD50xH100cm

    Anna Monich
    Furniture Collection

    was created out of Anna’s
    passion for functionality, simplicity,
    elegance, love of natural
    materials and craftsmanship

    Cocktail table

    Dims: W30xD30xH60cm and W25xD25xH50cm

    Coffee table

    Dims: W60xD60xH40cm

    Coffee table

    Dims: W100xD70xH40cm

    Coffee table

    Dims:  W80xD60xH40cm

    Anna was also inspired by her native
    country – Ukraine where her furniture
    collection was created by a leading wood
    furniture manufacturer – Monredo.


    During this collaboration Anna’s vision
    was perfectly complimented by
    Monredo’s attention to detail, hard work
    and years of experience in wood furniture making.

    Console table

    Dims: W120xD30xH90cm

    Console table with drawer

    Dims: W150xD40xH90cm

    Desk with drawer

    Dims: W120xD60xH75cm

    Dining table

    Dims: W150xD80xH75cm

    Our exquisite collection of
    ceramic vases,
    where artistry meets the untamed
    beauty of nature.
    Each piece is meticulously crafted to
    capture the essence of boundless
    textures and the captivating allure of
    Earth’s surfaces.


    Inspired by the rugged landscapes, intricate patterns, and organic forms found in nature in Ukraine, these vases embody a
    harmonious fusion of art
    natural elements.


    Dims: W80xH100cm and W60xH80cm


    Dims: W30xD30xH120cm and W30xD30xH110cm and W30xD30xH100cm


    Dims: W30xD20xH20cm

    Shelving unit

    Dims: W150xD35xH180cm

    The weaver we work with is an artist,
    poet, fashion designer and a creator of
    beautiful woven fabrics.


    Her love for nature and the quest for self-
    identity through nature is expressed not
    only through poems but also through the
    creation of woven works such as panels
    for the screen she made for
    our furniture collection.


    Her main inspiration is
    fresh and pristine nature of
    the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine.
    Her work is characterised by her
    exceptional ability to interpret complex
    designs and patterns through woven
    mediums and materials.

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